Wild at Heart Studio...my small cabin in the garden.


Anne Wood...

My paintings are about contemplating emotions and feelings.   Some are inspired by the wild of nature as I see it, in an abstract sense to convey a sense of place and atmosphere.    Other pieces might be an intuitive response to a personal memory or a reaction to an event.  

I live near Lincoln in rural Lincolnshire and my art is made in two timber cabins in a wild garden surrounded by fields.

My wild garden can be a source of inspiration.   The farm buildings are now weathered with age which have a beauty of their own.   Mosses and tangled grasses add texture and colour.   These are some of the things which can surface in my work.    However, I am not a landscape painter in the realist sense...more a painter of my feelings about the landscape.    Nothing is real in my work, it's all an abstraction but nearer to the truth than a lie.    I know how I react when I place a patch of paint on my canvas but a viewer might have a different perspective.   We bring our own personality to experiencing art.

Some of my abstract paintings are about reflecting...on events, what I experience in life or how I interpret my surroundings.   I am not afraid to put down in paint the lows as well as highs. 

I am a member of the Lincolnshire Artists' Society and the Nadin Group and have received four awards for my work in Society Exhibitions.     I serve on the Management Committee of the LAS.

Studio & Gallery

My home gallery can be open by arrangement...

 Lots of small pieces are on sale for gifts.   Greetings Cards too...all original art, no prints or reproductions.    

Wild at Heart Studio, Main Street, Broxholme, Lincoln (Look on Google Earth for Wildartdesigns LN1 2NG)


If you would like to visit, 
Email : [email protected]


The path to my Gallery Room...a door on the right 🎨🎨

The Studio is opposite.

My little summer house...a quiet place to paint.



I have some work available to purchase.    Please contact me if you wish to see something.  

I like to sell my paintings if possible directly from my Studio as they are best if seen 'in the flesh'.    Some small pieces can be shipped in UK.


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